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Valhall Golf Club

If you want to be involved in the action at the 2008 Ryder Cup at Valhalla you should volunteer. This is one exciting way to participate in the event. (Note: you are volunteering to help not just attend!)
Volunteers each receive a Volunteer Badge, which grants admission to the grounds on all six days of the Ryder Cup and admission to the International Pavilion. Volunteers will also receive a volunteer uniform. The uniform will consist of a golf shirt, pants, wind jacket and hat. The particular style of headwear will be determined by the volunteer’s gender and/or committee’s function. The other perks include a copy of the official Ryder Cup Journal, parking, shuttle service to/from the event, and food/water vouchers.

The fee for volunteering is $220.

Those who previously volunteered for the 2004 Senior PGA Championship, played at Valhalla Golf Club, will receive a volunteer application for the 2008 Ryder Cup in May 2007. Volunteer applications will be available for all others in June 2007.

To register your details into The PGA of America’s data base so that you receive a volunteer application in June, please visit the PGA site here and enter your contact details.

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15 Responses to “Volunteer at Valhalla”

  1. Dr. Dallas Blankenship says:

    Dear Sirs:

    I am hopeful of being a volunteer in the 2008 Ryder Cup. I live within 45 miles of Valhalla, play the course on occasions and would be pleased to receive an application in June. My address is < < Address Removed >>.

    Dallas Blankenship

  2. […] Next years Ryder Cup may be still over a year away, but the organisation is well underway. As the Ryder Cup Diary has it, people can now start volunteering for the event: Volunteers each receive a Volunteer Badge, which grants admission to the grounds on all six days of the Ryder Cup and admission to the International Pavilion. Volunteers will also receive a volunteer uniform. The uniform will consist of a golf shirt, pants, wind jacket and hat […]

  3. Max Fiscus says:

    Dear Sir,
    The I U Lex. chap. is interested in volunteering for the Ryder Cup tournament.
    Please send us an application form.
    < < Address Removed >>

    Thank you,
    Max Fiscus

  4. Chris Thompson says:

    Dear sirs,
    I am delighted to hear that Valhalla and the PGA will need volunteers for the 2008 Ryder Cup. I live in Indiana and burn with passion for the game of golf or the lifestyle, depending on whom you maybe. The stars of golf and the PGA have all entertained us for numerous years, now its time for us to give back. therfore, I am greatly interested in volunteering for the Ryder Cup.
    Chris Thompson
    < < Address Removed >>


  5. Cindy Hunter Chico, CA USA says:

    I was fortunate enough to Marshal the 2006 Ryder Cup –representing the USA in Ireland. The same team that was on HOLE #5 are trying to reunite in 2008–since we became such great friends in that short period of time.
    We pray we will meet every 2 years–until the end of time! Keep It In The Short Grass!

  6. Mareda B. Conwell says:

    We would like to be on the Volunteer Waitliss

    Conwell (Personal Information Hidden)

  7. Mark Sugg says:

    Sir or Madam,
    I am an 8 hcp and my cousin (John Redman) will be an official of the tournament. I live in Lexington and have an approved request for vacation for that week. Could you please send me the necessary paperwork to work that week?
    Mark Sugg
    < < Address Removed >>

  8. Gregg Litchfield says:

    What an opportunity. Just love this great sports event. Would love to volunteer for this event. Please send me the necessary paperwork to apply.

    < < Address Removed >>

  9. Steve Cotterill says:


    My father, who has marshalled at the last two Ryder Cups in Europe and also at numerous events in the UK, put his name down to volunteer for Valhalla when at the K Club. He has received no information, application forms or had any correspondence. Having contacted Barry Drew he has been advised to go through this forum. You have here someone who is willing to travel across the Atlantic and provide his own accomodation as a volunteer so please can you explain to me (and I will pass it on) why his offer of assistance has not even been acknowledged.

    Steve Cotterill

  10. Alex Hamilton says:

    Dear sirs,
    I would GREATLY APPRECIATE being a volunteer for the 2008 Ryder Cup. I love the game of golf and would love to be able to be at the same course with the greatest players in the world no matter what it takes.

    Alex Hamilton

  11. Joe says:

    Just for those who have submitted details here about volunteering for the Ryder Cup in Valhalla you must go to the following address in order to register:


  12. Buzz and Rick Shipley says:

    My son and I are avid golfers and would love to volenteer to work at the Ryder Cup, I am a 12 handicap and he is an 8. Like I said we would be happy to take on any job just to be there. I hope you will consier us. I have applied before but I was hoping that some people might have had to cancel.

  13. Jon Baughman says:

    Please send me an application to volunteer. I live in Louisville, and assuming that Kenny Perry will be invited to play, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to lend a hand to a fellow Kentuckian, as well as others from across the globe.

  14. JOHN HILLMAN says:


  15. Stuart says:

    I was volunteer (marshal) at the 1999 Ryder Cup (Brookline) and the 1988 US Open (Brookline) and envy everyone who will be serving at this year’s event. My experiences were such that I surely count them as highlights of my life. Good luck to all – you’ll have a great time and will be impressed by the graciousness of the competitors. I should note that your handicap is irrelevant to the situation, but your impartiality and decorum is counted upon by the Ryder Cup organizers.

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