Tiger Woods turns down Ryder Cup Vice Captaincy

Tiger Woods has stirred up all the usual Tiger/Ryder controversies with his refusal to accept the Vice Captaincy offered by Paul Azinger. On Tiger’s official website he says:

“I’m not on the team,” and “The event should be about the competitors and the competition. The guys will have plenty on their minds and I wish them the best. I’ll be cheering loudly.”

Azinger obviously felt that the event and the US team would benefit by the presence of the world’s No 1 ranked player, however Tiger is not going to play ball. Is this simply a manifestation of Tiger’s single-minded determination and focus (this time on healing his knee) or is it, as many are claiming, evidence that Tiger just doesn’t care about the Ryder Cup, the Team or representing the US? I guess it we’ll never really know but it certainly adds to the media entertainment factor as pro-Tiger and anti-Tiger journalists slug it out!

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8 Responses to “Tiger Woods turns down Ryder Cup Vice Captaincy”

  1. Kim says:

    What in your mind would be so wise about having Tiger as the vice captain? Since he wanted to play but can’t, I fail to see what good would come out if it. If he accepted being vice captain, he’d overshadow the real captain and create more confusion than anything else. The whole idea of asking someone which such a star status just shows that Azinger doesn’t seem to be in control of what he’s doing.

  2. Martin says:

    I agree with Kim. I think Tiger is thinking the same thing- he is always very aware of his presence and how even though he would like it to be low key at times- everyone’s eyes are on him.

    As for commenting on Paul’s decision – I think it could easily have been done in private with needing to involve the press.

  3. Don says:

    Azinger can’t carry Tiger’s bag on the course or in being a class act. I am happy for his come back but he needs to forget TV and try to play if he still can. Best wishes to both sides, but I hate to say it but I feel Azinger is out coached and out classed by Faldo.

  4. Russ Payne says:

    Tiger needs to suck up his ego, and come to Louisville and be a help to this TEAM. TEAM…there is no “I” or “TIGER” in team.
    Greatest golfer ever? Perhaps. Outside of that I question his actions. He could come to the Ryder Cup and show the guys, the Team, that he supports them PHYSICALLY. A bush act if I ever saw one

    Russ from Louisville

  5. Paul says:

    Tiger Woods, Think back to when he was defending the U.S OPEN ?



  6. Matt says:

    He probably doesn’t want to be there – the American players probably don’t want him there.

    Easy decision to make, really.

  7. tom says:

    if tiger was there it would take from the whole event most of us would want to know when he was coming back to play which would detrsct from the event. Tiger is a great player and wonderful for golf , but the Ryder cup is bigger, azinger should not have asked him, anyway in the cpatincancy stakes what a cock up by faldo ommiting clarke I still take Europe to win again , ( I am Irish) by a small margin

  8. Kevin says:


    umm…what?!? All Tiger has to do for me is be successful, be professional and be black while doing it. It is silly and unfair to expect more of him.

    Anyway, ‘zinger was right to ask Tiger, and Tiger was right to refuse. It played out exactly the way it was supposed to. This Cup needs to be about the players playing and not about Tiger’s injury. His presence would have been a DISASTER for the Americans and he’s smart enough to know it, even if others aren’t.

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