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Ryder Cup Books

Monday, January 15th, 2007

A review of all the best (and worst) books published for the 2006 Ryder Cup.  The publishing industry was well lined up for the Ryder Cup with a slew of books being released throughout 2006 both before and after the event, many of them reprints from earlier years. Prior to September, the books tended to recount different specific Ryder Cups or were more wide ranging histories of the event, often with an Irish angle. The more interesting ones however really got into full swing after the event in September with many different books from players, caddies and journalists being rushed out in time to capture the lucrative Christmas market. Some of these books were sometimes little more than coffee table fluff pieces whilst others were more detailed and well researched. Outlined below are some of the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Cup: How the 2006 Ryder Cup Was Won
Philip Reid

 The Cup: How the 2006 Ryder Cup Was Won by Philip Reid

Reid’s book is perhaps the best of the bunch in describing the event that was the Ryder Cup 2006. Those looking for all the facts and figures minutiae will not be disappointed here however it also has something more to add than merely a dry retelling of the event. Reid is a journalist with the Irish Times and as such has a wide background on all matters relating to golf in Ireland. This background adds greatly to the book by situating the event within the context of a very Irish setting in terms of place, time and people.

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Heroes All: My 2006 Ryder Cup Story
Darren Clarke

Heroes All: My 2006 Ryder Cup Story - Darren Clarke

The goodwill engendered by Darren Clarke for his stoicism and performance throughout the Ryder Cup was well deserved at every level. The decision to rush out this book was (more…)