Ryder Cup Traffic and Travel Warning


Take your umbrella and a large dose of patience if you’re off to the K Club for the Ryder cup. The BBC have slammed the practice day organisation at the K Club as inefficient, badly planned and poorly run. Citing flaws in the public transport system and huge delays reporters at the event have been scathing with respect to the organisation.
If you are traveling be prepared for long waits as the bad weather exacerbates the delays caused by the security operation and the park and ride shuttle service grinds to a halt with buses moving at 30 yards an hour.

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7 Responses to “Ryder Cup Traffic and Travel Warning”

  1. Dara Cummins says:

    RE: BBC Comments

    Please, please take your blinkers off! I do remember see similar problems with the GB Grand Prix a couple of years ago – where people had to queue for hours to get in and out of car parks; then they had to walk across muddy field to get the Silverstone! The organisers in the K Club cannot be responsible for a hurricane (Gordon) sweeping across the Atlantic. Would it be more desirable to have thousand of cars queuing outside of the K Club gates? It is still early on in the event and thus there is still time to work out these issues.

  2. Jo Morris says:

    Very poor showing from the Americans today Wednesday… the punters deserved better than the meagre chipping n’ putting display we saw today in Straffan. The Europeans on the other hand played a full 9 holes… with smiling faces and a little crowd pleasing along the way… despite the bad weather!
    Go Europe Go!

  3. Tommy B says:

    I arrived at the south park and ride this morning at 7.45am and I must say, that apart from no public PA to announce what was going on, I found the whole event the best organised public event I ever visited. We all expect delays when 40K people want to get in/out – well done all. Americans were so disappointing today – my 10 year old was really hoping to see Tiger and co in “real” action. Well done Europe – smiles, laughs, 9 holes of real golf and autographs all around.

  4. Paul Maguire says:

    hasn’t the BBC got some nerve! I went yesterday – had a great day! Then like most people I can see the work being done to help people
    Unlike the UK where anytime you put 40000 people in one place for a Sports event you get drunken thugery and violence

  5. Mark Mc says:

    Are you allowed to take an umbrella ?

    Doesn’t that contravine the 8″x8″x8″ 😉

    I’ll just buy a 100euro see thru mac that they will be selling !

  6. Paul Twomey says:

    I went Wednesday, got to the South Park and ride at 9.45. Cringed when i saw about 10,000 people waiting for buses. All i can say is well done to both Dublin Bus, the Gardai and the Traffic staff. We were on a bus in 25 mins. I’ve been at 2 previous ryder cups and this is the best so far from an organising perspective. Europe were great playing 9 holes with smiles in bad conditions. We saw Harrington chip in at the 11th and Darren Clarke play some brilliant chip shots. The USA were a disgrace. People waited for an hour or more to see them play. When they arrived on the first Tee people cheered only to see them walk down the fiarway without hitting a shot. Furyk’s caddy tried to explain but people were furious. The course is in amazing condition. Europe definitely have the upper hand and cant wait to see them win by at least 3 points. I wouldnt listen to the BBC, they like to get jealous when its not on English soil.

  7. Scott says:

    Cabbed to the West aerodrome, and caught a shuttle to the “K” with no trouble. Left right afer the opening ceremony, caught a shuttle to Leixlip, hopped the train and was back in Dublin very quickly. BBC must be referring to another event.

    Go USA!

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