Ryder Cup Stamps

An Post (the Irish Postal service) has launched an official Ryder Cup commemorative stamp collection in honour of Ireland’s hosting of the Ryder Cup Matches at the K Club. There are 4 stamps in this series which depict the progress of a shamrock marked golf ball around a golf course, the stamps can be puchased online here
Ryder Cup Stamps

An Post is also poised to release a two special edition Ryder Cup stamps, with an innovative design feature which will be a unique souvenir of the event and may be of interest to stamp collectors worldwide.

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  1. Joe says:

    There are also two other Ryder Cup Stamps from An Post which have those moving images on them! (See below for the excerpt from An Post’s description).

    “The 2006 Ryder Cup is a hugely significant event for Ireland, and to mark it, An Post is thrilled to announce a truly momentous stamp issue. On 14 September 2006, Ireland’s first-ever lenticular stamps will be issued. Lenticular images, like holographic ones, are those that appear to move when you change their angle. An Post’s stamps feature visuals of a powerful drive off the tee, and a classic bunker escape, and, as the first lenticular stamps to
    be issued in Ireland, are set to make history. Until recently, lenticular printing was limited to simple ‘flip-cards’, comprising images of 2 or 3 frames, which produced only a very stilted movement. The more frames used to create an image, however, the greater the detail and motion, and thanks to new, sophisticated software, the production of much finer lenticular images can now be achieved. An Post’s stamps feature 50 frames, which combine to provide a virtually seamless passage of dramatic action.”

  2. Veronika says:

    Dear Joe, I have found those Ryder cup lenticular stamps. It is an interesting stamp.

  3. Pat Pattison says:

    I am looking for a Golf Ball stamp to stamp my golf ball just like the ones depicted on the stamps. Any idea on where i might find one?
    pattisonmail – at – yahoo – dot – com.

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