Ryder Cup Security

The security for the Ryder Cup matches at the K Club WILL be rigorous. Take some time to find out what is likely to happen on the day and save yourself a lot of trouble. Use your common sense and don’t bring sharp objects etc. Here are some of the things you need to know:

No Mobile phones

No Phones – leave your mobile at home or in your car


No Cameras – leave your camera at home

Passport required – you will need your passport as well as your ticket to get in (tickets are non transferable according to the organisers)

Security Check – there will be a personal security check on entry similar to airport security

Good humour – your going to be delayed hassled and annoyed so bring a large dose of good humour. It will be worth it.

Needless to say knives guns and weapons of mass distruction are also banned! With 40,000 people a day expected I think it’s safe to say you should get there early and expect delays. Remember there is an 2km exclusion zone for cars

(Article updated after confirmation of the details from the Gardai)

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  1. John says:

    Here’s an update on the Ryder Cup Security – The Garda Site refers to a requirement for proof of identity – so if you don’t have a passport you can probably get in on a drivers licence (the official response from the Gardai was as follows: 2km is the exclusion zone for traffic other than local people who have passes. Tickets are a matter for ryder cup to discuss but I understand that a condition of purchase was that tickets were not transferable. When purchasing you had to submit passport details as proof of identity to ensure that tickets would not end up on the black market. It is advisable to bring your passport with you as proof of identity. Other forms of picture identification will suffice.)

    No Pedestrian Access You CANNOT walk into the Ryder Cup. The only access is through park and ride.
    No Taxi Access You CANNOT get a taxi to the K Club. The only access is through park and ride. So you’ve got to get your taxi to take you to the park and ride.
    No Private Bus Access You CANNOT get to the K Club in a Private Bus. You’ve got to get your bus to drop you at the park and ride. The only access is through park and ride.
    No Alcohol You CANNOT take any alcohol into the event (though I’m sure you can buy it inside at a premium price!)

  2. Sean says:

    Is the badge the same as the ticket. We won two tickets in a national newspaper competition for thursday and friday. We got badges and guides. Should there have been tickets or are they the same as the badge.

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