Ryder Cup Parking

Ryder cup parking

Parking is always a hot topic around Ryder Cup time – Free Parking is available for all Ticket holders at the Kentucky Exposition Center (KEC) with a complimentary shuttle service running from the KEC and downtown Louisville to Valhalla Golf Club.

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The shuttle service starts at 6.45 am and runs through to 7.30pm Tues 16th to Thurs 18th and 8.00pm Friday 19th to Sunday 21st.

The shuttle takes approximately 30 mins each way.

Strict parking restrictions are in place and there is no public parking near Valhalla Golf Club.


5 Responses to “Ryder Cup Parking”

  1. Dave Hanson says:

    I am trying to find a map of parking lots other than the shuttle areas. Specifically lot “S”. can someone direct me where to find this info

  2. Chris Kluepfel says:

    DEar sirs is there any parking for the handicapped or must they use the shuttle which would prove difficult. Thank you Chris Kluepfel

  3. Greg Weikel says:

    I’m looking for information on handicap parking for the Ryder Cup. Appreciate any info you can provide.

  4. Fred Stiltner says:

    is pga Lot V available for public parking?

  5. Rob Mears says:

    Who came up with this stupid idea on parking downtown to get to the East side???

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