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Well we’ve entered the final week of the Ryder Cup countdown and by this time next week we’ll know who the winners of the 2006 Ryder Cup are going to be (I’m swinging back towards Europe after a brief period backing the US!). In the meantime there’s loads of news and no news.

The papers and websites have gone into overdrive with articles about the Ryder Cup, some of them genuinely connected others are tenuously at best. What is definite is that they have arrived and both teams touched down at Dublin Airport today with everybody looking dapper in their Ryder Cup suits and associated wives and girlfriends in tow. Lehman always the professional demured about being the underdogs and once again welcomed the appearance of Darren Clarke for the Europeans. (I’m beginning to think this is nearly a little too much welcoming for an opponent!).

At the weekend the World Matchplay Championships concluded with a great victory for Casey and very disappointing appearance by Tiger Woods. I wouldn’t go reading too much into that however as I’m sure Woods is focussed on the upcoming Ryder Cup above all else. Elsewhere Poulter put the Ryder Cup team in the shade by posting a stunning victory in the Golf Masters in Madrid leaving the European Ryder Cup players of Harrington, Clarke and Olazabal in the shade.

Really the next main news on the Ryder Cup is going to be on Thursday when the pairings are going to be announced by the respective Ryder Cup Captains. Now that genuinely will be interesting.

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2 Responses to “Ryder Cup News”

  1. Derek Comerford says:

    I was at the first practice day yesterday at id like to comment on how fantastically everything was run.The event i have been at.The park and ride was a major success.However i would like to express my dissapointment at the American team who went out on the course at something like 6.45am and left little or no time for fans arriving between 11 and 1pm.The europeans on the other hand were fantastic playing on until 4.30pm!

  2. ken LA says:

    Cool…let the euro’s play themselves out…we’re going to kick some ARSE!

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