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Well it’s the silly season, there’s no real news on the Ryder Cup front… The teams have been selected and the next real news will be when they start to play. That doesn’t stop the media filling column inches though does it? Here’s a roundup of some of the inanity:

The Thomas Bjorn saga: Thomas was not happy that Woosnam didn’t pick him to play as a wildcard selection, boo hoo. Instead of sucking it up like a man Bjorn went to the media and publicly criticised Woosnam as a captain. I understand that Bjorn would have liked to play and that he feels Woosnam could have kept him in the loop but lets face it Woosnam’s job is to win the Ryder Cup not mollycoddle every player who didn’t make the team. Next up in the saga the PGA has fined Bjorn a “significant” amount for his media outburst. Finally Bjorn has recanted and apologised unreservedly for the personal nature of the attack… Blah blah blah

Failte Ireland – According to the Irish Times the Irish tourist body has allegedly over estimate the economic boom that the Ryder Cup will bring to Ireland. A report by Anderson Economic Group (AEG) estimates the Ryder Cup will bring €43 million into the Irish economy, while Fáilte Ireland previously valued it at €130 million. OK this is a big finger in the air thing – but it is of interest to the Irish tax payer who’s forking out for the upgraded roads, the security, the promotion (the government is spending €15.7M according to the Independent) and to add insult to injury the event will not be aired on national Television.

Michelle Wie – and here’s where we go from the sublime to the ridiculous – has set her sights on playing on a future Ryder Cup team. Great spirit Michelle – but don’t you think you’d be better off winning something first? Anything? Well she’ll keep her sponsors happy getting her cute picture in the papers I guess…


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5 Responses to “Ryder Cup News”

  1. cp says:

    7 or 8 of the european guys played the k club yesterday, including darren clarke – nice to see them getting in a bit of practice

  2. Chuck Loskarn says:

    I purchased my tickets thru the european pga.
    My wife and I and another couple will be visiting Ireland
    for the Ryder Cup.My tickets arrived and my wife and
    my name are on both days tickets. Our friends were
    to go on Sat and we would go on Sunday.
    Is this a problem with our name on both and if it is
    can something be done to fix this? I have emailed the
    European tour but have not got a response. Help!

  3. Joe says:

    Chuck – best bet is to phone the Ryder Cup office directly. The number for them is +353 1 654 2000 – hope this helps. Let us know what they tell you as I’ve had a couple of similar questions from others as well.

  4. cp says:

    unfortunately as far as i know, i had to give my passport no. in to them
    and i couldnt share a ticket with my brother
    – its nuts – the security has gone to their heads

  5. Michel Goubin says:

    Is it possible to know 3 days or more before the matchplays who plays against who ? I organize free bet beetween friends , and I would like know that to do.
    Sorry about my english language, I am french and don’t speak very well!
    Tanks you

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