Ryder Cup Home Advantage

Home advantage is a bit of a misnomer seeing as the Ryder Cup Team on this side of the water is now a rag tag bunch of Europeans rather than a small cosy bunch of golfers from the UK. At the moment there are only 2 Irishmen (Harrington and McGinley) on track for automatic qualifcation. So theoretically Team Europe has a 16.7% home advantage. I suppose the number of “home” supporters rooting for Team Europe at the venue may be biased in their favour, however the cost of getting here from Sweden is probably not much cheaper that getting here from the US and the cost of travel will be overshadowed by the astronomical cost of staying and eating here!

One of the things I am fascinated by is the fact that the European Open is being played at the K Club – BUT ON A DIFFERENT COURSE!!!!! The European Open, which is starting today on the Smurfit course at the K Club would surely have been a golden opportunity for Team Europe to get an opportunity to become familiar with the Palmer Course (which is also located at the K Club and is the venue for the Ryder Cup Matches).

The mind boggles!

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