Paul Azinger

Paul Azinger

Paul Azinger is widely rumoured to have been selected to captain the US for the 37th Ryder Cup in Valhalla in 2008. Having represented his country in four times in the Ryder Cup, Azinger has a 5-7-3 record. He was never beaten in a singles match and bested both Ballesteros and Olazabal.
Azinger was born in Holyoke on Jan 6th 1960 and he turned professional in 1981. His career coincided with that of Nick Faldo and as well as sharing the ABC Sports commentary box for the last 2 years they have met in several epic matches including 4 Ryder Cup matches. The US will be hoping that his record of 2 wins and 2 draws against Faldo in Ryder cup matches is auspicious and that his captaincy can herald an new era for the American Ryder Cup team. Having been humiliated by the Europeans in the last 3 matches the US really need a shot in the arm. Will Azinger be able to motivate the US players to bring their A game in 2008?

It will be interesting to see if he tweaks the points system of the selection process. Many feel that the current system which was modified for 2006 may be flawed as it left the US with 4 rookies who performed well in the year of the event. The ideal balance would be to find a system that gives you experience and form…

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  1. John says:

    The official announcement of the US captain will be made by the PGA of America on Monday 6th Nov at the Valhalla club. It’s widely expected that Azinger will get the post however some sources are indicating that Fred Couples and Cory Pavin are also in contention…

    Lets wait and see.

  2. Mark says:

    Paul Azinger is a great choice as our next captain but is Valhalla the right choice? Isn’t it interesting that the single most important difference between the venues for the European Team and the American Team is that the Europeans always play on a course that they play as part of their tour and the Americans almost never do. When many matches are decided by a single hole or putt, wouldn’t you think the Americans would want to have its team more familiar with that putt than their opponents? The reality is that money seems to drive the choice of American venues solely whereas money may be a factor in deciding which of the European stops will be awarded the Ryder Cup but it will always be a stop nonetheless. How about giving the American Team a little more home court advantage. That may give us as much or more of an edge than trying to adjust the selection process. Maybe the PGA Tour should ask the players if that would make a difference in the results. The talent is much closer than ever. We need any advantage we can get. Venue counts!!

  3. Jeff Thorner says:

    When the 1993 Ryder Cup Team was invited to the White House for a send off from the Pres. Clinton, Paul refused to go because Clinton was a “draft dodger”. Wonder how he will react to a Pres. Bush invitation. When you are a member of a team representing the United States you act in a respectful manner. By the way how long did Paul serve his country in the military. I guess he gets credit for his dads service. He does not deserve to represent the US as our Ryder Cup Captain

  4. Barney Cook says:

    Please don’t have partners reading each other’s putts. The Europeans don’t do it. There is nothing worse than having your partner second guessing the way you hit a putt. They will play better if they make their own decisions.

  5. Mark Miller says:

    Please put some fun, comradery, lightheartedness and enjoyment back into the US Ryder Cup team. If you watch the videos of the last few Ryder Cups, you will see a great difference in the countenances and attitudes of the Europeans compared to the Americans. They look so comfortable with each other. Smiling, laughing, truly enjoying each others company. The pressure is off. They are just out there to play some great golf and enjoy the moment. The Americans seem so uptight, so stern, so tight lipped, so intimidated. Under these conditions, who can play good, let alone great golf. Come on guys, loosen up. Do you really think you’re going to win this thing putting the pressure of the world on your shoulders?

  6. Patrick Keenan says:

    Mr. Azinger,
    Your comments on Drug Testing, which were attributed to you in Christine Brennan’s column in the March 13, 2008 issue of USA Today, only shows how ignorant you are. Your comments of “When we’re out there playing golf all day, all hot and seaty and then we tgo into the bathroom and a guy says,’ok, do your urine sameple,” and we have to drop our pants and pull out our shirt and they watch, it’s degrading , its a little undignified isn’t it?” Ms. Brennan is correct…this is called “DRUG TESTING.” As a “captain” and your suppose to set an example. But of course, golf is a sport for the rich and spoiled, and your comments support that. Be a leader…people unfortunately cheat…and golf is no exception. People have it tough all over, and for you to complain about a drug test…well, maybe you should try getting a job in the real world…wait, they may make you take a drug test.

  7. David Ironside says:

    I was surprised to see that Paul was born in Holyoke,as was I.65 years ago.I know that Kenny Perry wants very much to be selected for the team.Ihave a problem with someone who passes up our national championship because the course doesn’t suit him.

    Dave Ironside – Galena Illinois

  8. Mark Peters says:

    Paul, I am 46 years old and have played golf my entire life. Played on the mini tours for awhile but I missed my family and decided to be with them. In May 2007 I was diagnosed with Cancer. You have always been one of my favorite PGA Tour players and I have incredible respect for how you have dealt with having Cancer. You faith and strength from the trials you have seen will make you a great inspirational leader for this years Ryder Cup Team. I hope your health is good and that your Cancer is gone for good. Good Luck.

  9. Ron Webber says:

    I wanted to get this web address to you as an insprirational video for the Ryder Cup Team. I lost my left leg 4 years ago at 59 and yes it has been a struggle, but I was inspired by you and when I saw this video and knowing your background, love for the game and my favorite Payne Stewart, you got to show this to the team. Maybe you have seen it, but it got me. I have shared it with Minister, Priests, Sales Managers and it works for all of them. This is not mine or do I have any connection with it. But you got to love the music, “Eye of the Tiger” (it will be on you guy) Go get them and “Finish Strong”

  10. R.Cellini says:

    Paul…Good luck to you and the team..Four Captains picks could be: R. Mediate, Z. Johnson, C. DiMarco and M. Calcavecciho. With F. Couples in the wings..

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