It should be Casey & Clarke, but…

By the end of today, the speculation surrounding Nick Faldo’s wild card picks will be over. But I fear that the debate will rage all the way up to the matches in Kentucky.


Because Nick Faldo likes to see the world differently to everyone else.

There appears to be a consensus amongst golfing people in Europe that Paul Casey and Darren Clarke would be the most sensible selections for the 11th and 12th places on the team. Both have experience of Ryder Cup success, both have proven themselves in hostile competitive environments and most encouragingly, both appear to be playing well in recent weeks.

However, I don’t think Nick Faldo will lose a moment’s sleep worrying about the thoughts of ‘golfing people’ back home as he plots his own path to Ryder Cup glory.

He will have already formed his own view as to what is right for this team. This may or may not align with the popular consenus. While much of the speculation this week has focused on Ian Poulter and his unpopular decision not to play in Gleneagles, all of this may have missed the likelihood that Poulter is not really in contention for Faldo’s pick at all. Ditto for Monty. If you were challenged with picking a list of the greatest ever European Ryder Cup players, no one would omit Montgomerie. But for all of his former achievement, he doesn’t appear to have the consistency in his game this year to merit selection.

So, who might disrupt the Clarke & Casey selection? The answer lies in the dogfight for the final automatic selection places. Three Englishmen will tee it up today knowing their qualification is on the line. Oliver Wilson is in the best position before the final round at Gleneagles but Nick Dougherty and Ross Fisher are still battling against the odds to make it. It is entirely possible that their efforts will make a firm impression on Faldo, who already has a keen interest in their development. Don’t forget that a controversial appointment is likely to give Faldo a thrill rather than make him feel uncomfortable.

So, keep an eye on the man that just fails to make automatic qualification. Especially if his name is Nick Dougherty.

Or maybe Faldo is a consensus guy after all….

6 Responses to “It should be Casey & Clarke, but…”

  1. tom says:

    sour grapes but all true faldo was a great player but has the personality of a lobotimised ape, he only cares about himself which is not the attribute of a good ryder cup captain Poulter is also disliked (I know this from some local pros i know in ireland) he is flamboyant and arrogant , yes a good player, but not nearly as good as darren, no problem with Casey , a sound bloke, great player and a proven winner, casey and clarke were the obvious choices to everyone , even the yanks, come on , anyway I am sure we will win , none of the americans can match our top five, garcia, harrington, Westwood, Casey, will be dominant , when did the americans ever have a weaker team, however underdogs often win as we did in 1985.. we goota have the edge — can’t see boo weekly JB holmes et all causing harrington any sleepless nights, roll on 4 in arow

  2. Chris L. says:

    You are aware that JB Holmes knows Valhalla better than anyone? Boo Weekeley can beat Harrington if he can get the putter going…

    Garcia needs to get the putter going, say, versus Steve Stricker or Justin Leonard.

    Faldo will pay for not picking Monty…

  3. tom says:

    well it will be interesting a close match i feel .. can’t wait for it to start..

  4. jane says:

    Faldo will pay for not picking Monty? what nonsense, he would be disruptive as he would try to take the lead away from Faldo and would be tlaking behind his back all the time, what about his display at the Seve trophy? and as a by the way, he is playing badly !!!

  5. tom says:

    well we lost famously and were well beaten poulter was the star of europe and perhaps mcdowell faldo proven to be an idiot

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