Faldo Picks Ian Poulter and Paul Casey

Nick Faldo has announced his wild card picks to complete his team for next months Ryder Cup Matches at Valhalla. Ian Poulter and Paul Casey complete the European Lineup.


11 Responses to “Faldo Picks Ian Poulter and Paul Casey”

  1. Dave says:

    nick does not usually make bad decisions were golf is concerned but i think leaving Darren Clark out of the team is a big one
    Ian poulter will not perform in the boiling couldron that is the ryder cup on USA terf darren and paul have proved they can

  2. Declan Ireland says:

    Nick you are a muppet to pick a man with only 2 top ten’s and missed the last 2 cuts over a proven winner in Darren is crazy his partnership with Lee is only 2nd to Seve and Ollie you are looking through the same glasses as Poulter’s trousers UNION JACK I hope you get stuffed.

  3. tommy - s says:

    nick faldo said as your captain he asked poulter to play at gleneagles poulter said as a player he would do what was right for him so nick gave no one the nod? im glad poulter did what he thought was right he is just a greedy young man £££ before commitment. he has made no impact anywhere he goes his track record shows i feel for the guys who tried every week on eu tour poulter never played here because he would have no chance of winning anything in eu tour,
    I always want us to beat u,s,a, and still do but hope poulter does not win a game so just keep chasing the dollars poulter cos as a golfer you are only

  4. Dave says:

    After looking deeper into the situation i may have been rash on poulter apparently both casey an poulter needed to play in the USA to get there 15 tournaments in so as to keep the cards for next year

    puts a slightly different light on why they did not come over to qualify automatically

    But i still think clarke will be missed as a player and as a personality in the team room

  5. BeggsyBoy says:

    I’m sure the R&A or however picks the Ryder captain, felt under certain pressure to give Faldo the job at some stage due just to his record (5 majors?)However if this is the case better to get his captaincy over with now and (can’t believe I’m saying this) I hope the US give us an absolute thrashing so that it might shut Faldo up once and for all. His asinine comments at Open tournaments and about other players make him wholly dislikeable (several wives can’t be wrong either!!)I hope the US have it sewn up day 1.

  6. Mark Murrison says:

    I cant beleive it.Poulter over Clarke.Faldo said he has gone with form.Clarke wins.Experience Clarke wins.
    Loyalty to the Euro pga and determination to qualify Clarke wins.Ask the other 11 team members who they would prefer in the team clarke wins, ask them who they want to be paired with during the matches,clarke wins.I just cant come up with reason to leave Darren out.
    And buy the way Poulter has 3 US pga tournaments to make his 15 after the ryder cup.

  7. Colin Young says:

    Faldo never picked an Irishman for the Seve Trophy which was a big mistake considering it was being played in Ireland, I believe that Poulter knew he was going to get a wild card. As for Faldo his pick is just like his manner IT STINKS

  8. tom says:

    sour grapes but all true faldo was a great player but has the personality of a lobotimised ape, he only cares about himself which is not the attribute of a good ryder cup captain Poulter is also disliked (I know this from some local pros i know in ireland) he is flamboyant and arrogant , yes a good player, but not nearly as good as darren, no problem with Casey , a sound bloke, great player and a proven winner, casey and clarke were the obvious choices to everyone , even the yanks, come on , anyway I am sure we will win , none of the americans can match our top five, garcia, harrington, Westwood, Casey, will be dominant , when did the americans ever have a weaker team, however underdogs often win as we did in 1985.. we goota have the edge — can’t see boo weekly JB holmes et all causing harrington any sleepless nights, roll on 4 in arow

  9. Terri says:

    Funny how you know this from (some Local pros)none of whom Poulter would know. He is a totally diffent guy to the one written about, and always does what is right for his family, he hasn’t missed a cut in any of his Majors this year and is the next highest ranked player not already qualified. He also does a lot for his Charity’s and young golfers.
    You can’t decry someone for wanting to put the fun back into golf. Personally I hope Europe Win again, if only to stop the rubbish being printed about the team.

  10. James says:

    I read all the above with interest and great surprise in some cases. first it was Monty that slagged Poulter, not the other was round. next Poulter was the one who sank the wining putt last time the team played in America, but as Monty was on a home green he was given the applause. So Poulter has proved himself in The Ryder Cup, also he did come second in the Open this year. I agree that it must have been horrible to have to choose from Clarke and Poulter, one coming good at the end and the other the nearest on average on both lists and consistent. Faldo won 6 majors not 5 as mentioned above. Faldo is not all those awful things you have said about him, that is from personal knowledge. I know he works a great deal for charity and unlike others does not keep broadcasting it all the time. In fact i know of cases where he has specifically asked those involved to keep it quiet. 3 wives? so what has that to do with golf?
    Basically I think we should all support Nick, hope that the team all play well and stop slagging everyone off.

  11. Tim Driscoll says:

    I just finished watching the WGC in Arizona. I was routing for Paul Casey because he went to school in the states only to find out he’s made anti american statements in the past…I google his statements and somehow ended up here… Most of you were right about not picking Clarke but he couldn’t have saved you from the beating you took. Poulter played well if I remember correctly but it didn’t matter much cause Boo and JB put a hurting on you. As for Mr Casey he should be happy speaking english, if it wasn’t for the USA he’d be speaking German…

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