Don't Kill the Golden Goose!

Sandy Jones

Sandy Jones has revealed that the benefit to the Irish economy of hosting the Ryder Cup is now estimated at €100M. Jones, the chief executive of the PGA of Great Britain & Ireland, has revealed that the PGA now estimates that the impact on the Irish economy, over an extended 3 year period, will be about €100M. The PGA have included tourism, advertising, television, and sponsorship in the estimate but Jones admitted that it’s a complex calculation because of all the secondary spending.
The Ryder Cup brand naturally has a very powerful effect on the Golfing tourism in the host destination for several years. Naturally the K Club will benefit hugely, but because Ireland is a small island country the halo effect of hosting the Ryder Cup should be felt my many of the courses around the country as US and European golfing tourists come to see where the Ryder Cup was held.

Jones added, however, that Ireland faces challenges if it is to maximise the potential created by the successful Ryder Cup hosting. His main message was not to be too greedy, citing the prices now being charged in some of the golf venues in Ireland Jones warned that the market may not bear increasing prices. Jones went on to recounted the cautionary tale of Spain and Portugal who’s golfing industry went into decline for several years after pushing up their green fees. Naturally the aim is to enjoy the benefits of the post Ryder Cup boom but it’s really important to give value.

The K Cub has 2 courses the Smurfit Course and the Palmer Course which played host to the Ryder Cup. Just to give an inkling of the top end green fees being charged in Ireland in 2007: A round at the Palmer Course will cost you €225, while a round on the Palmer Course will cost an eye watering €370.
Unfortunately value for money is something that’s not too common in Ireland these days so it will be interesting to see whether the industry heeds the warning or simply squeezes the life out of the golden goose..

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